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Bathroom Remodel Guidance For The Best Results

by Declan Lording
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bathroom remodeling Chicago

Are you thinking of remodeling your old bathroom? This article will help you make the right choices for bathroom remodeling in Chicago. First, let’s start with the current bathroom. Does it have a bathtub? Tile flooring on the walls? Lighting? You need to take pictures of your current space and have some inspirational photos of the new bathroom you plan to do. Bathroom remodeling is an excellent addition to any home and will give you the advantage over another home seller who has yet to remodel a bathroom. Many homeowners prefer to buy fully renovated homes, and no additional funds must be spent after moving in. By the end of the day, it’s all based on your needs and budget.

Design & Planning

One of the most crucial aspects of any home remodel is effective design and planning. For this, we strongly recommend partnering with a professional designer who specializes in bathroom remodels. A designer’s expertise can enhance your bathroom’s functionality, streamline the remodeling process, and help you make the most of your budget. With their guidance, you can create a bathroom that not only looks great but also works perfectly for your needs.


First and foremost, you must set a budget aside for your bathroom remodeling Chicago. Now you are asking, what amount do I need to spend on a bathroom remodel? That is a great question, but the answer will be determined based on a few factors:

  1. Is that the main bathroom
  2. Is that a guest bathroom
  3. Is that a hallway bathroom

Each one of the options above has a different purpose and, of course, a different price; the less expensive one on the list is the hallway bathroom, as it’s not the most important used; therefore, you do not need to spend more than 10-15K on it, the second one on the list is a guest bathroom which will be a great addition in your home when you have family or friends staying over, you will have the extra bathroom to host them without interfering with your main bathroom, with this option we are estimating the amount to be anywhere from 15K-30k. The most expensive one on the list is the main bathroom; the main bathroom is more extensive so that you will spend more time there. Therefore, the price will be higher than other options on our list. If you are looking for a mid-level bathroom remodel, we recommend putting a 40-60K budget aside that will cover the materials and labor involved in your project. A significant bathroom renovation will include a demo of the existing old bathroom, drywall of new walls, plumbing, electrical, tiling, a new walk-in shower, and fixtures; this type of remodeling level will take more time to achieve, but it has value to it, one is for personal use and second for resale value, based on statics fully bathroom can increase your home price. Therefore, you will not lose any money on your bathroom remodel.

We hope you enjoyed reading the article, and our article will help you where to start and complete your bathroom remodel as smoothly as possible.

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