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Top 5 Bathroom Renovation Tips in Geelong

by Declan Lording
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bathroom renovation in Geelong

A bathroom remodeling means that your morning routine will be well adjusted in terms of lighting style and decorations which are best done by professionals. The bathroom is a personal space. You prepare for an evening outing here, freshen up after a long night’s sleep, and take a few minutes alone during a busy day.

For your dream oasis, you must need a professional advice that help you to revive your old bathroom. Here are top five bathroom renovation tips that help to get bathroom renovation in Geelong without any interruption.

1. Determine a budget

As such, it costs several thousand depending on what you need since converting your home into the perfect haven is an investment. This is why it is important to have a budget in mind before start planning.

So, before you get into tile selection or organize fittings, sit down and work out exactly how much money goes towards your project of remodeling the main house’s lavatory. When working on your tilers in Geelong budget, remember the following:

  • Costs relating to labour
  • Material cost implications
  • Appliance expenses
  • Lighting expenses

Pro Tip: Leave some change in case there are surprises like extra materials or last-minute changes you just cannot live without!

2. A suitable bathroom choice

Bathrooms are not just bathrooms. They differ in shape and size depending on their layout. Most people keep the kind of toilet they have as it is when remodelling but it’s worth having a look at your options before you start demolishing – you might find something appealing. Here are three different types of bathrooms that you can consider for your home.

  • Standard bathroom

A standard bathroom is generally defined as one that has:

  • Sink
  • Toilet
  • Bathtub
  • Shower
  • In-suit bathroom

These can include shared bathrooms which were designed to be used by all family members or in-suites which usually have similar features but are normally only found next to the master bedroom. You can convert your in-suit bathroom into a spa and can have a relaxation session and some personal pampering.

  • A half bath

A half bath, also known as a powder room, is a small space in your home that contains sink and toilet. That’s all. It is generally used by guest.  When you have guests over to your house and they want to use the bathroom, instead of disturbing your little paradise they can go to the powder room to freshen up themselves, use the toilet and continue with their normal night or morning rituals. In turn this will make it less crowded in your main bathroom.

3. Select Your Layout

After establishing what type of bathroom, you want to install or remodel, the next thing is to discuss about the layout. There are countless layout options for your bathroom depending on the shape and size of what you have to work with.

Remember changing plumbing fixtures or moving walls can quickly drain your budget leaving you with very little left to spend.

At first glance, it can be challenging to look at your current bathroom and picture the perfect design in your head – but this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. With assistance from our professional designers, however, you can achieve a dream bathroom renovation for your home.

If there is limited space is preventing any ideas from coming forth because then know that this is not true as we have skilled designers who will help you realize its potential and conform it according to individual needs.

Pro Tip: Select a layout that is ideal for your home and doesn’t add maintenance burden on your monthly budget. 

4. Choose a tub

Normally, bathrooms have bathtubs. That’s why they’re called bathrooms; but if bathing isn’t really something that appeals much to you then maybe just ditching the bath can give you more space.

For instance, most Americans prefer showers over baths but if relaxation as paramount for them then holding onto bath or even installing one during remodeling would be a big plus.

Having a luxury tub in an in-suite ensures that not only do you get away from everyone else in the house when trying to relax but also adds value and attractiveness to a property.

Pro Tip: You can avoid bath tub if you are habitual of quick showers and also you want to converse water. 

5. Lighting is essential

Lighting often goes unnoticed yet it plays an important role in every home redesign project especially in regards with bathrooms. Bad lighting in bathrooms can easily lead people into thinking that you have a poorly maintained bathroom, this is why you need to make a decision on the type of lighting you would want in your space.

  • What to do with natural light? 

Natural lighting makes a bathroom more inviting than anything else. If you design your bathroom with lots of windows or even a skylight, it will instantly be brighter and airier.

For those without living room for a conventional skylight to fit into their bathrooms, they can consider using tubular ones which take up much less space.

  • Choosing the most ideal artificial lights for baths

Well, no matter how great your natural light is, there’s always sunset every day meaning at some point one has to come up with an excellent plan of artificial lights in his/her bathroom also.

In bathrooms recessed LEDs work well as ambient lights. When getting ready for a night out, stark overhead light causes harsh shadows that aren’t typically pleasant on the face. Make sure that you include some gentle lighting at eye level either around vanities or mirrors.

Pro Tip: Try to add natural light into the bathroom that will give you a fresh feel. Add a small window or a shack can help to bring ample natural light. 

Final thought

Are you searching for the right team of builders who will help design and remodel your bathroom, ensuite or toilet? In that case, Melbourne Superior Tiling team of bathroom remodelling professionals can help you!

Whether you are looking for a more contemporary bathroom, adding an additional bathroom, or converting your bathroom into a stylish and modern wet room our team can assist.

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