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Impact of Cultural Influence on Cosmetic Surgery

by Declan Lording
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Georgios Orfaniotis

Like a lot of other things, the standards of beauty are dynamically changing in the world around us. And cultural influence is one of the major driving forces of this change. Now, people are more open to the option of cosmetic procedures to enhance their appearance than before.

The increasing trend of cosmetic procedures has pushed higher demands for plastic surgery clinics and professionals. Popular professionals in the field like Georgios Orfaniotis are helping people achieve their desired features. Dozens of other clinics are also offering their expertise to people seeking such procedures.

Perception of Beauty in a Culture

Every culture has its definition of beauty that knowingly or unknowingly the people of the culture are holding on to. For example, the standards of beauty in an African country can be very different from the ones of an Asian country. In the same way, European cultures may have their set standards.

What is deemed attractive in one culture may be considered unattractive in others or vice versa. So, it is quite natural that the people of a culture would want to conform to the standards followed in their region of residence. Oftentimes, people try to achieve it by using different products, medication, or even surgical procedures.

Impact of Cultural Assimilation and Appropriation on Beauty Standards

Sometimes, people are trying to achieve the standards of beauty of another culture. And it is more common than you think. This phenomenon is called cultural assimilation. Colonization and Westernization have assimilated cultures in many parts of the world. The result is that the people of a culture try to achieve the beauty standards of another culture.

One of the common examples of such behavior can be seen in the people of South Asia and the Philippines. There is a massive market for fairness products in these regions. Also, cosmetological and laser treatments for fairness are quite popular in these regions.

Besides the standards of beauty, cultural assimilation has a significant impact on fashion trends as well. For example, to look great in Western dresses, often Asian women try to achieve a similar physique. This in turn, again makes one culture follow the beauty standard of another culture.

The Role of Cultural Exchange

The impact of cultural exchange is different from both cultural appropriation and cultural assimilation. In this case, it is not just one culture adopting things from another, but it goes both ways. For example, in the previous section, you saw how the people living in Asian cultures are trying to conform to Western standards of beauty.

However, you can see many examples of the beauty standards that the Western culture has been adopting from Asian and African countries. For example, some people living in Western cultures want to achieve the slender physiques of Asian women. It is getting more common as the influence of cultural exchange is becoming more prominent.

There can be many reasons behind such cultural exchange. With more Asian people now living in Western countries or a result of their pop culture that broke all borders and made it to Western societies.

Pop Culture and Social Media

The influence of social media and pop culture can not be ignored in the context of shifting standards of beauty among people. Many fashion and beauty enthusiasts closely observe and listen to their favorite influencers. Those influencers and celebrities become the thought leaders of the industry.

Social media helps them advance their reach and message regarding what things are now deemed beautiful. The loyal followers of these celebrities then follow those trends or try to look more like their idols. In today’s world, when social media is more around us than our actual culture, its role should be considered a part of the culture.


So, this is how the culture, pop culture, and social media influence people to explore cosmetic surgeries and other procedures. Despite everything, people need to understand their own choices and make the best ones.

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